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Welcome to Fiji-New Caledonia Trade Expo


Investment Fiji in partnership with the New Caledonia Trade & Invest (NCT&I) team welcomes you to our virtual Expo promoting both countries products and services. Explore a range of premium products and services in the areas of Health & Cosmetics, Apparel & Textile, Food & Beverage, Primary Industries, Manufactured Goods, Business Services. The Expo provides a B2B platform to connect buyers with Fijian and New Caledonia businesses on a centralized platform. Whether you’re a supplier or a buyer, we’re here to facilitate, connect and do business with you.

The Expo will showcase a total of 46 prominent Fijian companies across six categories with over 200 products and services and 42 New Caledonia companies across five categories with over 150 products and services listed on this platform.

A video message from Investment Fiji Chief Executive Officer

A partnership with the New Caledonia Trade & Invest (NCT&I) and the French Embassy in Fiji showcases a virtual business-to-business platform (B2B) targeted to buyers and sellers both in Fiji and New-Caledonia

across six categories such as Health & Cosmetics, Food & Beverage, Apparel & Textile, Manufactured Goods, Primary Industries and Business Services.


Visitors will have access to exhibitors from both countries showcasing premium products and services.


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Fiji is the center of trade in the South Pacific with excellent communication infrastructure as well as air and sea transportation routes. Fiji’s cost effective near-shore location, advanced telecommunications infrastructure, natural English language skills and attractive labor rates act as positive impetus in attracting world class BPO and ICT organizations to Fiji.


With 46.1% of the Fiji’s total population being under 25 years, twinned with a high literacy rate of 93.7% and population growth rate of 0.6% per annum, indicates the economic and social potentials of Fiji’s population. Fiji’s business friendly tax structure supports innovation and investment with 20% corporate tax and a lower rate of 10% for companies listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange.


Given Fiji’s clean environment and virgin soils, potential investment opportunities exist in organic and natural food production, niche manufacturing and assembly. 

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Boutique Marques Caledonienne - Noumea-©
Boutique Marques Caledonienne - Noumea-©
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Saut du Guerrier, Mare-© NCTPS
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Piscine Naturelle-© Auriane Demeusy   NC
Paysage du Grand Sud -© NCTPS
Noumea by night-© Meng Xi   NCTPS
Mont Venus - Noumea-© Marine Reveilhac
L'Atelier Gourmand-© Asami Endo   NCTPS.
Les Terrasses de Shabadran, Mare-© NCTPS
Haut Vol - Noumea -© Marine Reveilhac
Ferme de Nemeara-©NCTPS
Ferme de Nemeara-©NCTPS(2)
Drapeaux-© Asami Endo   NCTPS

Buy From New Caledonia

A land of contrasts between exotic Oceania and French refinement, New Caledonia offers a diversity of landscapes, cultures and activities that are unique in the world. Thanks to infrastructures comparable to those of the big neighboring countries and qualified human resources, New Caledonia enjoys a high level of economic and social development.


New Caledonia benefits of many assets such as: a strategic location, a high-quality industry aligned with European standards, a high level of education meeting French standards, a dynamic and rich market, modern and effective infrastructures as well as an exceptional natural environment. This unique ecosystem creates trade opportunities in sectors such as: Agriculture, Construction, Healthcare, Blue Economy, Food-Processing, Industry and Mining, Services.


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